Feedback & Complaints

Helping To Resolve Complaints

While our aim is always to provide the best service, we acknowledge that sometimes things don’t go as planned. Therefore, we want to outline your options for providing feedback and getting complaints resolved effectively and efficiently.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction with our service or products. General inquiries about our products, services, or technical issues won’t be treated as complaints. However, if our staff is uncertain, we will inquire if you would like to file a complaint.

Our complaints procedure adheres to the recommendations of the Australian Consumer Law and the Clean Energy Council’s Code of Conduct, which you can download here.

During the process of resolving your complaint, we commit to treating you with fairness and courtesy. Our goal is to find a fair and reasonable outcome for all parties and to address complaints as swiftly as possible.

If an immediate resolution is not possible when you contact us, our policy is to deliver a resolution within 21 business days from the time we receive your complaint. We will keep you informed about the progress as frequently as is reasonably possible.

If we require additional time, we will inform you and commit to delivering a fair resolution within 45 business days from the time we receive your complaint.

To file a complaint, you can call us directly at 0412 252 224 and inform us of your intention to make a formal complaint.

Alternatively, you can send an email to customerrelationships@transparentsolarsolutions.com.au with the details of your complaint. While we will respond as promptly as possible, please allow up to 48 hours for an acknowledgment that we have received your complaint and have begun working on it.

If a fair resolution cannot be reached through mutual agreement, the regulatory authorities to contact are as follows:

  • Australian Competition & Consumer Commission: 1300 302 502
  • Clean Energy Council
  • Energy & Water Ombudsman: 1800 246 545