Case Study – A Wagga Wagga Couple’s Solar Transformation with Transparent Solar Solutions

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Our client is a professional couple from Wagga Wagga who usually work outside of the home during the daylight hours. 

Their lifestyle and work commitments meant that their main electricity consumption within the home occurs before and after work – outside the prime solar production hours – though still placed them in a great position to leverage the sun’s abundant energy with a few minor adjustments to their energy consumption habits. In this case study, we will explore the journey of our client as they transitioned to a rooftop Solar PV system, and the multitude of benefits they have since enjoyed. 

Continue reading to find out how one couple’s decision to go solar revolutionised their ability to save on their electricity consumption and significantly enhanced their lifestyle.

The Challenge:

This client approached Transparent Solar Solutions seeking a Solar PV system that would allow them to reduce their power bills and reliance on the electricity grid. To be effective, this system would need to produce enough electricity to allow them to self-consume as much as possible, while also enabling the export of electricity to credit their consumption of power from the grid outside of sunshine hours. The system also had to be cost-effective to allow a return on the initial investment for the system and installation. 

While there were several alternatives available, none showcased the long-term benefits that an Enphase solar PV system could provide. Energy-efficient appliances can certainly help reduce power consumption, but they alone cannot match the potential savings and continued energy independence offered by a solar energy system. Switching electricity provider was another potential way to save on their bills, making the most of incentives or lower rates. This was only a temporary fix for the rising costs of electricity, and was limited by how much the client was willing to reduce the amount of electricity they consumed in their home. 

It became evident that solar power was the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution for the couple’s needs. With ongoing benefits, including lower energy bills, reduced carbon footprint, and the potential for energy independence, the solar energy system installed by Transparent Solar Solutions emerged as the clear choice.

Pictured: Charges before solar.


The Solution:

We proposed a rooftop solar PV system powered by Enphase microinverters. We were able to provide a system that would produce enough electricity to cover the usual consumption of this client, with additional production to be exported to the grid for credit on their power bill. These credits helped subsidise the early morning and evening consumption, allowing our client to switch on the lights, heat, air conditioning, and any other home comforts without fretting about the cost to the environment and their bank account.
Transparent Solar Solutions provided information on how to best optimise the solar production through small adjustments such as using timers for appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, along with instructions on how to use the Enlighten app to read and interpret the data from their solar production and consumption, further empowering them to make smart decisions regarding their power usage and electricity consumption habits.

Our Solar PV systems are designed to last, promising the clients a durable and robust solution to their energy needs. Enphase is the most efficient, safe, and reliable solution available, providing tangible financial returns through reduced energy bills along with the intangible benefit of peace of mind. The clients can now enjoy the assurance that they will no longer be victims of bill shock and are investing in a solution that offers energy independence.

Moreover, the solar energy system is a valuable addition to their property, enhancing its market value and desirability. This solar solution is indeed a blend of sustainability and profitability, serving as a powerful testament to the viability and superiority of renewable energy solutions. Transparent Solar Solutions remains committed to delivering reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly energy solutions that perfectly cater to the unique needs of each client.

The Outcome:

Our clients have achieved great energy independence through clever use of their solar production, implementing timers and optimising the sunshine hours to cover most of their electricity requirements without importing expensive electricity from the grid unless absolutely necessary. Their solar still exports enough to cover their evening usage and access charge, resulting in a bill that is almost net zero during winter, or in credit during summer.

Since the installation of our rooftop Solar PV system, the couple has reported significant savings on their energy bills, sometimes even earning credit due to surplus energy exported to the grid. This financial liberation has allowed them to invest their savings into other aspects of their lives, further enhancing their quality of life. Moreover, they’ve become more conscious of their energy usage, contributing not only to their personal economy but also to the betterment of the environment.

For Transparent Solar Solutions, this successful installation stands as a testament to our commitment towards sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions. We’ve proven, yet again, that our solutions are designed to empower our clients, offering both financial and lifestyle benefits. The positive feedback and referrals we’ve received from this couple have further solidified our reputation as a reliable, customer-centric solar solutions provider.

If you’re seeking to cut down on your energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, or are simply interested in harnessing the power of the sun, reach out to us at Transparent Solar Solutions. We offer free site assessments and can tailor a solution perfectly suited to your unique energy needs. Start your sustainable energy journey with us today. Together, we can build a greener, more sustainable future.


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