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This question has a different answer for every different household and business. As everyone has different demands for their energy use, they also have different requirements for system size. Different sites also have different requirements – tile or tin roof? Will your panels require tilts? How far is your meter board from the point of your electricity connection? All of these things and more influence the final cost of your system. 

This is the reason that Transparent Solar Solutions provides a free Site Assessment prior to quoting, so we can tailor a system to your needs and account for as many of the site-specific requirements as possible that you simply can’t see from aerial map technology! 

If you’d like to schedule a Site Assessment to receive an obligation-free quote and meet the team at Transparent Solar Solutions, give us a call or Book a Site Assessment

The short answer is yes, Solar will save you money. Though to get the best out of your investment in solar you need the tools to optimise the energy that you produce. All Enphase systems are connected through your household or business WiFi connection, providing you with detailed monitoring of what your system is producing and the energy you are consuming through their free app - Enlighten. 

This information assists you to know when is the best time to run your household appliances, so that you can get the most from your solar production by using timers to do the laundry and wash the dishes while the sun is shining! You’ll also know how much excess you’re exporting to the grid and how much you are importing of a night time. 

This information will equip you to make the most of your energy savings, paired with the benefits of Enphase being the most efficient and reliable inverter on the market, a system installed by Transparent Solar Solutions is guaranteed to save you money!

Rooftop solar works by converting the photovoltaic radiation from the sun’s rays into DC electricity, using an electromagnetic field produced by each cell of your solar panels. This DC electricity is then converted to safer, low-voltage AC by an inverter, and is ready to use to operate your household appliances or export to the grid for credit against your quarterly bill. This is one of the reasons that Enphase is a safer option, as the DC electricity is converted at each individual panel rather than by a central inverter that converts the entire system at the same time, removing the need for high-voltage DC on your home’s rooftop.

 The Electricity produced by a solar system can only be stored by installing a battery along with your rooftop solar. Currently, batteries are not as cost-effective as rooftop solar (unless you have a particularly high night-time usage that would be remedied in this case) Though they are a terrific option if your motivation is not just to save money, but to reduce your reliance upon the electricity grid and retailers. 

Yes and no. This is why at Transparent Solar Solutions we will ask you questions about how you use your energy, and review your electricity bill to determine the best result from a system tailored to your needs. Many factors influence a system’s efficiency – shade, overcast days, using higher amounts of electricity in the evening than through the day when the sun is shining. With careful planning and advice from our team, we can provide a solar solution that will give you the greatest return on investment possible.

The main benefit of solar for the environment is reducing our reliability on fossil fuels and non-renewable means of producing our electricity.
There has been criticism that the manner of the production of solar panels requires a lot of energy itself, and indeed, there is discussion about disposal of old solar panels now that we are seeing many of the first systems installed in Australia beginning to expire. Though studies show that despite the carbon impact required to produce solar panels, the energy they save far outweighs this initial impact. More information can be found here.

As for disposal of old systems/panels, there are recycling plants springing up to help deal with this problem, and reuse the metals and minerals used within solar panels.

Yes. Solar will add desirability and value to your home, both for the resale value or for investment properties.

Yes. It is recommended you have a full system maintenance including a thorough cleaning of your panels and inspection of all wiring and isolators. Solar panels will become dirty from dust, bird droppings, etc, some of which will be removed and rinsed away by rainfall, though if you notice stubborn soiling of your solar panels it is recommended to have them cleaned to encourage top performance of your system.

Yes. While they will produce a lot less than on a clear, sunny day, some of the sun’s radiation still manages to reach the Earth even on cloudy days. Enphase is designed to make the most of low-light and overcast days, meaning that with an Enphase system installed by Transparent Solar Solutions, you’ll be generating even more, even when it rains.

The efficiency of a solar panel refers to how much sunlight that comes into contact with it is able to be transformed into electricity. Most modern solar panels have an efficiency of around 20%.

Yes. Enphase microinverters allow panel-level performance monitoring of your solar PV system. Each microinverter connects back to the Envoy, which will be installed in your meter box. This Envoy is connected to your homes wifi, and enables the data from the microinverters to be recorded and presented to you via the monitoring app, Enlighten. This smart technology automatically updates its own software and uploads data regularly, allowing you more control over your energy consumption.

Yes. The systems sold by Transparent Solar Solutions have a minimum 12 year product warranty, we provide all warranty details for our panels, microinverters and mounting systems when quoting & again after completion of installation.

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