Who are we?

At Transparent Solar Solutions , we are committed to providing high-quality solar solutions. Our services include installation, comprehensive monitoring and after-sales service.

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Company Values

At Transparent Solar Solutions, we're more than just a solar solutions provider; we're a team driven by values that resonate in every interaction, every service, and every product we offer.

Transparency in Every Endeavor
Our name isn’t just a title; it’s a promise. From our initial conversations to the lifetime support we offer, we ensure clarity, honesty, and openness.

Efficiency as Our Standard
We don’t just aim to get the job done; we ensure it’s done right, optimizing every process for the best results.

Compliance with Pride
In an ever-evolving industry, we stay ahead, ensuring that every action we take aligns with industry standards and regulations.

Partnership Beyond Business
Our relationships, whether with customers or collaborators, are built on mutual respect and growth. We’re in this journey together, and together, we achieve more.

The Transparent Solar Experience
Our team, a blend of passion and experience, is dedicated to quality in both product and service. We’re here for you, from the first hello to the continuous support we promise for the lifetime of your system.

A Legacy of Responsibility
Our reputation is a testament to our commitment to ethical and socially responsible operations. Every day, we strive to uphold this legacy, ensuring we make decisions that benefit not just us, but our community and environment.

The RM Williams Commitment
Our choice to wear RM Williams is more than a fashion statement. It’s a nod to the hard-working Australian spirit, a commitment to quality, and a promise of genuine interactions. When our team stands at your door, shoes respectfully set aside, it symbolizes our dedication to courtesy, genuine conversations, and a personal touch in an increasingly impersonal world.

Our Code, Our Commitment
From ensuring a respectful workplace to upholding data privacy, from ethical competition to environmental responsibility, our code of conduct is a reflection of our values in action. We believe in doing the right thing, every single day.

The Enphase Platinum Installer Advantage

When you choose Transparent Solar Solutions, you’re not just selecting a solar solutions provider; you’re opting for a partner recognized for excellence, experience, and exceptional customer satisfaction. As an Enphase Platinum Installer, here’s what our esteemed accreditation means for you:

Decades of Excellence
Being a Platinum Installer signifies our longstanding relationship with Enphase. It’s a testament to our consistent track record of installing Enphase products with precision and expertise.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality
The Enphase Installer Network is renowned for its dedication to quality. As part of this elite group, we ensure that every installation meets the highest standards, guaranteeing you a solar solution that stands the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction at the Forefront
Our Platinum Installer status isn’t just about technical expertise; it’s a reflection of our commitment to you. With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 50, our focus on homeowner satisfaction is evident in every project we undertake.

Continuous Learning and Certification
Our team is not only solar certified but also eligible for CEC CPD points. This continuous learning ensures that we’re always updated with the latest in solar technology and best practices, bringing you the best of what the industry has to offer.

A Special Relationship with Enphase
Our Platinum status signifies more than just a badge; it represents a deep-rooted relationship with Enphase. This bond ensures that we have direct access to the latest products, technologies, and support, ensuring that you, our valued customer, always receive the best.

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Whether you live in a cosy cottage or a rural homestead, our solar panels can be tailored to fit your roof's unique contours.
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From small businesses to large industrial complexes, our solar systems are scalable and customisable to meet your energy demands